Wholesale Broadband Agreement

This version of the WBA is a standard form of access contract for the purposes of Part XIC of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and is the last standard offering. Please note that this Standard Access Agreement (SFAA) form and the latest standard offer include all documents linked on this page, unless the document explicitly states that it is not part of the SFAA. This includes both the WBA documentation and the content of any pending changes that have already been communicated to existing customers, as shown below. You and your end users are subject to centuryLink Broadband`s agreements and policies. Please see the links below for more details. Note that line shifts and UDC distance are not available for N&T commands, C commands that add a new line at the same time as broadband, or standalone services. The WBA is the contract vehicle that nbn uses to provide products and services to its wholesale customers. Under the new agreement, the price of NBN Co`s entry-level broadband access package will increase from $26.60 to $24.70 from December 2020 to April 2021, followed by another reduction to $22.50 from May 2021 to November 2022. A “preliminary” response to a request for tracking qualification means that broadband may be available depending on the specific activities of the network. “We hope that these refined rules of engagement will further improve the customer experience of the NBN network, from connection to fault identification and remediation, and set service standards that underpin day-to-day usage. We have identified and agreed on incentives for wholesalers and retailers to work together to quickly resolve issues and improve the customer experience.

If you are not yet ready to support and sell nbn broadband access network services™, there is an information agreement that better suits your needs. The CenturyLink Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement (WBSA) is the contract name for wholesale broadband services purchased for resale to your end customers. This is an unregulated product under a commercial agreement available to any wholesale customer. WBSA is only available as a standalone data service and is not sold in conjunction with other CenturyLink services, including voice and 911. Voice services are not part of the WBSA agreement and can only be ordered through an interconnection agreement (ICA). The fourth iteration of NBN Co`s wholesale broadband deal went into effect today after months of negotiations. The new deal, which will come into force on December 1, will give retail service providers (RSPs) lower entry prices and a higher discount for consumers after Australian media and competition watchdogs interfered in the talks. “NBN Co`s reduction in the supply of COVID-19 CVC credit to internet merchants recognizes that demand for peak data is returning to normal expected growth levels,” the broadband maker said. To authorize CenturyLink to provide broadband over a WTN or pre-qualified address, fill in the SCA field in your Local Service Request (LSR) with “Y”. This promotion allows CenturyLink to make a UDC withdrawal or a line change at no additional cost to allow the installation of the broadband service. If changing the line or removing the UDC is not possible, CenturyLink will send you a danger notification for the LSR.

If you use CenturyLink portals to qualify through WTN, the account must be registered in the CenturyLink billing system. When you submit a Local Service Request (LSR), the TNS field must be populated with a reserve TN or a value of N (depending on IMA or EASE). CenturyLink provides a data TN with the firm order confirmation (FOC). If the loop qualification response is underutilized, do not request new stand-alone broadband services The fees apply to certain maintenance, problem isolation, and support services, as well as the deployment of a technician. Fees may vary from technician to technician depending on when services are provided (p.B time of day and day of the week, holidays or weekends) and may include minimum fees regardless of the actual number of hours worked. CenturyLink will notify you in advance of all applicable fees if you incur. If you report problems, you will be charged a maintenance fee if the defect is not detected in CenturyLink installations or CenturyLink devices or in the customer`s devices/systems or devices. Shipping charges will also apply if: (A) Customer requests a change to the Service Date, but CenturyLink is not notified prior to the Service Date and the CenturyLink Technician is seconded on the Service Date (must pay the shipping costs and CenturyLink changes the Service Date) or (B) the CenturyLink Technician has been seconded to maintain the Service and no problems are found at CenturyLink`s facilities (applicable to each times, when it happens).

Executable copies of the WBA can be obtained from your nbn™ account manager. It is your responsibility to provide Level 1 computers, marketing materials, and technical support to your end users. When you switch from a retail service to a wholesale service and the retail end user has a CenturyLink rental modem, the end user must go to Modem Returns to request a return label. When the link opens, select the “Return Policy and Return Instructions” link for detailed information. If the end user has an email address on file, they will also receive a notification from CenturyLink with this specified process. Bulk research qualification for all markets can be performed in the control center. . “And, most importantly, we designed WBA4 to more clearly define the responsibilities and responsibilities that exist between NBN Co and our retail partners, with the aim of providing consistently quality service to customers. Billing TOGETHER (Eastern and Central Markets) Note: Static IP addresses are provided differently depending on the underlying network configuration.

Please read the information in this link to explain the deployment process. Static IP processes When a replacement modem is ordered and shipped to your customer, shipping and delivery charges apply. CenturyLink does not offer bulk modem purchases. Available service quotes and order codes are available here. Note: Select the appropriate Excel tab: “Western State Markets” or “Central and Eastern State Markets”. For IMA training, please refer to the IMA Ordering Guide. Modems provided by WBSA vary depending on the technology. For reference, the following links may provide additional modem specifications: Loop qualification qualifies addresses and WTNs for CenturyLink Broadband and returns the highest available speed. The response to the loop qualification reflects the optional service offerings. Static IP addresses are only available when ordering services for business sites. In a statement, Brad Whitcomb, nbN Co`s customer director, said he was confident that “we have developed a much better offering for the RER.” The service address loop is qualified in the respective control system.

CenturyLink offers a 1-year warranty on modems ordered under this Service Agreement. Loop qualification by service address or work phone number (WTN) is performed when ordering the service through the CenturyLink IMA and EASE command portals or using loop qualification tools in Control Center. The monthly recurring fee (MRC) and one-time fee (NRC) for WBSA services are included in Schedule 3 of CenturyLink`s Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement. Additional fees may apply for transition activities and/or cost recovery fees for Operational Support Systems (OSS). CenturyLink has two ILEC markets and two different ordering and billing systems. The following map will help you determine which system to work with: CenturyLink Market Maps CenturyLink provides you with a monthly invoice that includes summary information about the end user`s account and sub-account. Detailed information about summary invoice, request, and Customer Registration and Information System (CRIS) disputes can be found under Billing Information – Customer Records and Information System (CRIS) service is only available for locations qualified by CenturyLink Loop qualification procedures. Some lines may not be eligible for service, even if initial testing qualified these lines.

The speed and availability of the service is not guaranteed and may be limited by various factors, including, but not limited to, the physical condition of the line and cabling at the service site, copper line qualifications, computer power/configuration, and network/internet congestion. .