As a precaution to minimize the spread of Covid-19, we have put the following protocol in place:

For Orders:
1) Hands are washed and sanitized before handling products.
2) All products are wiped down with sanitizer.
3) Masks are worn (3 ply with filter).
4) Exterior packaging is sanitized.
5) Only EFT or PayFast payments. (No card or cash transactions).
6) Courier via Postnet to Postnet or free collection per appointment.

For customers:
Each customer will receive instructions on how to safely handle their package.
Instructions will include the following:
1) Wear a mask when opening your package.
2) Sanitize packaging by wiping it down with sanitizer.
3) Wipe down each product with sanitizer as you remove it from the packaging.
4) Dispose of packaging properly.
5) Wash your hands immediately after you have unpacked your order.