The beginning of Sunshine Paws dog kits

I love my two, four-pawed children and would do anything to protect them and help them stay happy and wiggly tailed.  Exercise is very important part of our daily routine to keep them healthy and in a good physical condition. We started going to our local pet-friendly park. When we started out, we were about 5 people with their dogs getting together at 5 o’clock in the afternoons for a social gathering where all the dogs get to play with each other and run freely. We are now close to about 25 people and dogs in our group and all the dogs are part of one big happy family.

As is, unfortunately, the downside of a local park, there are quite a few unwanted “treasures” lying around the park just waiting for my Bella or Lexie to swoop it up. This was the case the one afternoon whilst we were on one of our gatherings in the park. Bella got hold of some unhealthy snacks and I luckily came prepared that day.

I have a kit that I have put together with some wet wipes, a toothbrush, some toothpaste as well as some doggy breath freshener. I quickly removed the offending treasure from Bella’s mouth and proceeded to wipe her face, mouth, and paws with wet wipes and then brushed teeth and sprayed some breath freshener in her mouth. If it was not for the kit that I have compiled then who knows what would have happened.

Some of the dog moms and dads that were there that afternoon saw my reaction and how much of a help the kit was to this instance. The one mom then contacted me with a request to also compile a kit for her four-pawed kiddie. It felt so good that my hard work did not just help my child but that someone actually saw it and decided that they want one also.

Whilst preparing the kit for this mom, my mind wandered and I started thinking about all the other doggy parents and how they may also like/want a kit for their dogs. I also started thinking about different configurations of kits that I could offer. I eventually came up with four different kits. The most popular one is the first aid kit.

With all this in mind, I thought about starting up my own small business (small for now) and then to advertise at markets, dog parks, and dog-friendly events. I now have the idea but needed the idea for a name. Thankfully my love for sunflowers made it quite easy to create a logo and the name Sunshine Paws Dog Kits. I now have my product, logo and perfect name.

After doing some markets and handing some example kits to her dog trainer (Dogwarts) to display at her training school. Everybody that have bought the kits from me is in love with them and only speaks with praise about them. Hopefully one day you too can also enjoy your own dog kit and join the Sunshine Paws family!

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