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Sunshine Paws

Customer Confirm payment

You have received a payment from Caroline Campbell. The payment is as follows:

Name Caroline Campbell
Phone 0820415119
Date 16 May , 2021 11:11
Transfer amount 535
Bank First National Bank – Checque
Order # 986
Transfer slip

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[Order #986] (16 May , 2021)

Product Quantity Price
Bamboo Pet Toothbrush 2 R86.00
Medium/Large Breed Mini Teeth Cleaning Kit 1 R145.00
Pannatural Pets Dry Shampoo – Fur Freshener Powder 1 R69.00
Pannatural Pets Facial Cleanser – Fur Stain Remover 1 R66.00
Pannatural Pets Heavenly Hemp Balm 1 R70.00
Subtotal: R436.00
Shipping: R99.00 via Postnet To Postnet
Payment method: Direct bank transfer
Total: R535.00

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